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Teaching light and sound waves?

Sign up below to receive this 45-minute card sort and vocabulary chart. Card sorts are amazing! They give students the ability to work with vocabulary in a way that helps foster meaningful discussions with one another about content and helps you, as the instructor, to check for understanding. And it’s engaging!

Teaching Magnetism?

Sign up below to receive this 30 minute NO PREP reading passages & worksheets for a substitute, scaffold, review, distance learning or homework. You get 2 pages of close reading and a 4 page online interactive worksheet packet or hard copy optional. If you are teaching the NGSS disciplinary core idea PS2.B: Types of Interactions (electricity and magnetism), this resource is perfect for you! 

Teaching evolution and Natural Selection?

Sign up below and receive an activity where students learn that Tigers are orange because of the way their prey sees them through a C.E.R. (Claim Evidence Reasoning) graphic organizer. The students figure out what the “Claim” is in the article, they then use data that supports the claim in the “Evidence” section, draw visual evidence and then explain why the evidence supports the claim in the “Reasoning” section.