Integrated NGSS MS-PS1-4: Heat Transfer, Conduction, Convection, Climate



Your students will oohh and ahh when they do this lab! And! It’s integrated, so it includes many concepts! Mainly energy, weather and climate change.

First students place colder, denser water on top of warmer, less dense water. They see conduction, convection and energy transfer happen. They can see the water molecules mix, move and the color change.

Then students place the warmer, less dense water on top of the colder water and they don’t mix! They don’t mix because of density and it will stay this way for hours!

You can use the lab as phenomena (which is a big deal in NGSS) and then have the students read the close reading that’s included or use the reading as a scaffolding before the lab. I prefer doing a read-around with the class first and have class discussions about the concepts as a scaffold and then do the lab.

This product includes the following concepts:

• Energy Transfer

• Convection

• Conduction

• Radiation

• Particle Movement

• Climate Change

• Weather

• Law of Conservation of Energy

• Kinetic and Potential Energy

• Gravitational Potential Energy

• Energy of Position and Motion

• Radiation

• Heat

• Temperature

Materials needed:

• Two identical bottles (I use Ball mason jars)

• Hot and Cold water

• Two different colors of food dye

• Two trays or paper plates to catch any water spilled

• Plastic cards to separate the bottles

This product includes very detailed teacher notes, close reading, a hands-on lab and a key.

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