Claim Evidence Reasoning (CER) Current Events NGSS Growing Bundle Google Ready

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This resource is packed with easy to use, easy to grade, no prep, scientific current events, using the NGSS Science and Engineering practice of Engaging in Argument from Evidence.

Students learn about a variety of science topics through a C.E.R. (Claim Evidence Reasoning) graphic organizers. This is great for getting your students to explain phenomena in a meaningful way and it allows you as the instructor to adequately assess their understanding of concepts. The students figure out what the “Claim” is in the article, they then use data that supports the claim in the “Evidence” section, draw visual evidence and then explain why the evidence supports the claim in the “Reasoning” section. 

You also get 7 different generic templates used for any current events that apply to your content and you can use them for any activity/lab you do in class. Any time I see an interesting article that applies to what we are learning, I use these as my Go-To templates!

These are great for emergency sub plans and integrating into lessons so that your students can put content into context!

You get the following:

-7 CER Google Ready Graphic Organizer Templates (In Bonus File)

-Anchor Charts for scaffolding and support (In Bonus File)

-60+ articles (and growing) to print hard copies and/or web addresses for reading off of the computer


-CER Teacher Tips

-Science Current Event List that’s updated regularly (In Bonus File)

The following topics are included:




Climate Change/Human Impacts


Natural Disasters

Plate Tectonics

Waves: Sound and Electromagnetic Spectrum



DNA/Common Ancestry

Earth Science


Some of the articles included:

-How the Coronavirus Spreads

-How the Coronavirus Invades Cells

-Molecular Structure of Coronavirus Found.

-California Wildfires

-California Mudslides

-Climate Change and Extreme Weather

-2 articles on Hurricane Harvey and Climate Change

-Expanding Universe

-Hurricane Irma

-Black Holes and Galaxies

-Physics of Car Crashes

-North Korea Missiles and Physics

-1.7 Billion Year Old Chunk of North America found off of Australia

-Humans Blamed for Climate Change

-Mysterious Planet 9

-Ultra Sonic Sound Waves are Making People Ill

-Will the Kilauea Volcano Blow?

-Here’s How We know the Big Bang Happened

-Mysterious New Form of DNA discovered

-Climate Change and Ecosystems

-Why the Autumnal Equinox Falls on Different Days

– Oldest Human DNA from Africa Reveals Clues About a Mysterious Ancient Culture

-Climate Change is bad for human health and well-being

-Climate Change and Melting Arctic Sea Ice

-Human Evolution and Common Ancestry

-Proof That Earth Is in Its 6th Mass Extinction

-Evidence the Earth’s Magnetic Pole is Moving

-California Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics

-Earthquakes Ridgecrest San Andreas

-Plate Tectonics Continental Rift

-Asteroid & Dinosaur Extinction

-Neutron Stars and Black Holes

-Embryonic Development

-Radio Waves in Nearby Galaxy

-Lost Whales due to Solar Storms and Sun Spots

-Super Earth Found Astronomy & Waves

-Why does gravity pull us down and not up?

-Planet 9 may be closer and easier to find than thought—if it exists

-What does the edge of the solar system look like?

-No life will survive the death of the sun — but new life could be born after, new research suggests

-How fast does the Earth move?

-What is the Milky Way?
-What are invasive species?

-How many atoms are in the observable universe?

-Vaccine-resistant coronavirus ‘mutants’ are more likely when transmission is high, new model finds

-635 million-year-old fossil is the oldest known land fungus

-Origin of dinosaur-ending asteroid possibly found. And it’s dark.

-Do identical twins have identical fingerprints?

-Human influence on global warming is ‘unequivocal,’ IPCC report says


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