Graphing Motion MS-PS2-2: PhET Simulation: Moving Man Activity Google Ready


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Moving Man is a great way for your students to understand graphing motion and have fun while doing it! I’ve done this lab for years and my students are always engaged and have a much greater grasp of how motion looks on a graph. PhET simulations are my go-to when it comes to online simulations. You will need a computer and the correct software (system requirements:

You get the key and 4 pages of simulations and questions that involve the students moving a man on the website by clicking and dragging him across the screen. As they move him, his motion is graphed below and the students learn how the slope of the line represents the “Moving Man’s” motion. They learn how to interpret what the graph means and they also predict what a graph would look like based on the Moving Man’s motion, kids love it!!!

This resource comes with following:

-Student Edition


-Google Classroom link for distance learning

-Google Classroom Tutorials


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