Molecule Building Activity NGSS MS-PS1-1: Elements Atoms Compounds


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This product is fun, interactive, engaging, challenging and Lets students visualize three-dimensional molecule structures and understand molecular formulas! It’s a 90 minute NGSS aligned & easy prep! I also include very detailed teacher notes, a key and my email if you have any questions. Read below for the details.

You get the following:

-Student Copy

-Answer Key

-Detailed teacher notes

The following concepts are included:





-Chemical Properties

-Molecular Formulas

NGSS Standard:

PS1.A: Structure and Properties of Matter

Materials: Colored pencils, one Molecule Building kit per group. Each kit should have approximately 15 carbon, 20 hydrogen, 15 oxygen, a few chlorine and nitrogen.

1-I start by modeling how to build the first molecule, what the different pieces of the kits represent, the rules and how I want the students to do the lab.

2-I tell the students they first build at least 3-4 molecules at a time. Then, one person from each group brings their group member’s labs and molecules they built to my desk. If everyone comes up at once it creates too much chaos at my desk and if they bring only one molecule at a time it also creates too much chaos and stamping. When the single group member brings me the labs and molecules, I check each one. If they are all correct, I stamp each molecule on each lab. However, if any molecules are wrong, I send the student back to their group to figure out which one is wrong and figure out how to build it correctly. Once built correctly and the molecules are stamped on their lab, they can draw and color. If they draw and color before I check them they will have to erase and draw again, so make sure you remind them not to draw until they get approved/stamped by you.

3– I highly recommend you have the students count the atoms before you begin (see Molecule Building Checklist). This checklist is editable, and I have it up on my screen during the lab, so students can count and they can refer to it for what color each atom is.

4-I recommend sticking to my rules, it makes the classroom management for the activity much smoother.

5-If students don’t finish, you can have them Google the molecule stick model of the molecules they still need to draw and color.


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