NGSS Claim Evidence Reasoning (CER) Kilauea Volcano Eruption Earthquakes



Students learn about the Volcano Kilauea through a C.E.R. (Claim Evidence Reasoning) graphic organizer. This is great for getting your students to explain phenomena in a meaningful way and it allows you as the instructor to adequately assess their understanding of concepts. The students figure out what the “Claim” is in the article, they then use data that supports the claim in the “Evidence” section, draw visual evidence and then explain why the evidence supports the claim in the “Reasoning” section.

You also get a generic template used for any current events that apply to your content. Any time I see an interesting article that applies to what we are learning this is my Go-To template!

You get the following:

-CER Graphic Organizer

-Article to print hard copies and web address for reading off of the computer


-CER Teacher Tips

The following concepts are included:




Rift Zone



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