NGSS PS4.C Analog Vs Digital Card Sort Distance Learning Google Ready


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Card sorts are amazing! They give students the ability to work with vocabulary in a way that helps foster meaningful discussions with one another about content and helps you as the instructor to check for understanding.


You will need to print the PDF document and then cut the pages into individual squares/cards per group. I put each set of cards in a zip lock bag and really emphasize not letting them mix with the other group’s cards.

Each group should have “Analog”, “Digital” and “Both” sheets at one end of the table. Students then sort the vocabulary cards under the headings “Analog”, “Digital” or “Both” and discuss their rationale as groups (most will not get every single one correct), then have them present to the class why they put them in that order, or you can go around group to group and they can explain to you.

Because many of the vocabulary is abstract, I recommend you use this card sort as a review. Or you can use the card sort as an intro and then students can rearrange as you teach them the differences throughout the period. It’s a great metacognitive activity!

I recommend you take a look at my Analog Vs. Digital Wave Properties 5E Telephone Lab, that would accompany the card sort perfectly!

This product Includes the following:

-Google Ready link for Distance Learning

-PDF with all the cards

-Answer key is in the teacher notes

-Teacher notes

Includes the following concepts:

Characteristics of Analog signals

Characteristics of Digital signals

Examples of Analog and Digital signals

Includes the Following NGSS Standards:

PS4.C: Information Technologies and Instrumentation

• Digitized signals (sent as wave pulses) are a more reliable way to encode and transmit information. (MS-PS4-3)


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