NGSS Waves Electromagnetic Spectrum Properties Worksheet


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This two-page worksheet resource isn’t just rote busy work. It’s challenging, rigorous and a perfect scaffold for the beginning of a unit or review at the end. It can also be a great subplan with no prep!

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This product Includes the following:

-Two-page work sheet

-Two-page answer key

Includes the following concepts:

-Wavelength Frequency




-Transverse wave

-Longitudinal wave




-Speed of sound

-Analog signal

-Digital signal

-Electromagnetic Spectrum

-Real-life examples

Includes the Following NGSS Standards:

PS4.B: Electromagnetic Radiation

• A wave model of light is useful for explaining brightness, color, and the frequency-dependent bending of light at a surface between media. (MS-PS4-2)

• However, because light can travel through space, it cannot be a matter wave, like sound or water waves. (MS-PS4-2)

PS4.A: Wave Properties

• A simple wave has a repeating pattern with a specific wavelength, frequency, and amplitude. (MS-PS4-1)

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