Sound Waves Reading Passages Worksheets Google Form Assessment NGSS MS-PS4-1 2


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This is a perfect 45-minute introductory scaffold, review, distance learning, homework or sub plan for NGSS MS-PS4-1 and NGSS MS-PS4-2 .

What Students Do:

· Students use the Reading Passages to help them fill in and answer the Worksheets.

· Students then do a 10 question Google Form Assessment.

· You can do this lesson all online, hard copies, or a combination of both.

This resource includes the following:

-3 pages of reading passages/Close Reading

-Hard Copy Worksheet

-Virtual Copy of Worksheet

-10 Question Google Form Assessment

Concepts Included:

· Sound Waves

· Longitudinal Wave

· Medium

· Compressions & Rarefactions

· Amplitude

· Wavelength

· Frequency

· Electromagnetic

· Medium

· Energy

· Speed of Sound in different mediums

Includes the Following NGSS Standards:

Performance Expectation MS-PS4-1:  Wave Properties Use mathematical representations to describe a simple model for waves that includes how the amplitude of a wave is related to the energy in a wave. 

Disciplinary Core Idea PS4.A:  Wave Properties

A simple wave has a repeating pattern with a specific wavelength, frequency, and amplitude. (MS-PS4-1)

A sound wave needs a medium through which it is transmitted.  (MS-PS4-2)

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