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Science Doodles are so great for memory using visuals, it taps into parts of the brain not often used in science, increases understanding of vocabulary, generates great discussions and allows students to show off their artistic skills! I also include a PowerPoint/Google Slide Show for lecture or flipping the classroom! The slides are simple, easy to use, they have links to engaging videos, links to websites that scaffold and deepen the content. And it’s editable! This is a no prep resource! All you have to do is print one per student and put the key up on the screen when they are done! I put the Google Slide show in my Google classroom and my students do it for homework or for a sub.

Please note: These Science Doodles are not just copy and fill in the blank worksheets. STUDENTS MUST THINK! This is why you get an editable PowerPoint with lots of slides and information you may or may not need, it’s just more options for you! So you may have to do some editing to fit your needs and your student’s needs.

You have some options as to how you can use the doodle notes:

1-You can use the PowerPoint to lecture as students fill the doodle notes in.

2-Post the PowerPoint on your website and students can fill them in for homework.

3-Use them for a subplan.

This product Includes the following:

-Doodle Note Student Sheet

-Answer Key

-Editable Forces PowerPoint with a link to make a Google Slides copy

This resource has the following NGSS Standards:

PS1.A: Structure and Properties of Matter

-Substances are made from different types of atoms, which combine with one another in various ways. Atoms form molecules that range in size from two to thousands of atoms. (MS-PS1-1)

-Each pure substance has characteristic physical and chemical properties (for any bulk quantity under given conditions) that can be used to identify it. (MS-PS1-2),(MS-PS1-3)

-Gases and liquids are made of molecules or inert atoms that are moving about relative to each other. (MS-PS1-4)

In a liquid, the molecules are constantly in contact with others; in a gas, they are widely spaced except when they happen to collide. In a solid, atoms are closely spaced and may vibrate in position but do not change relative locations. (MS-PS1-4)

-Solids may be formed from molecules, or they may be extended structures with repeating subunits (e.g., crystals). (MS-PS1-1)

-The changes of state that occur with variations in temperature or pressure can be described and predicted using these models of matter. (MS-PS1-4)

Structure and Function

▪ Complex and microscopic structures and systems can be visualized, modeled, and used to describe how their function depends on the shapes, composition, and relationships among its parts; therefore, complex natural and designed structures/systems can be analyzed to determine how they function. (MS-LS3-1)

Energy and Matter

• Within a natural system, the transfer of energy drives the motion and/or cycling of matter. (MS-LS1-6)


• Macroscopic patterns are related to the nature of microscopic and atomic-level structure. (MS-PS1-2)

Cause and Effect

• Cause and effect relationships may be used to predict phenomena in natural or designed systems. (MS-PS1-4)

Scale, Proportion, and Quantity

• Time, space, and energy phenomena can be observed at various scales using models to study systems that are too large or too small. (MS-PS1-1)

This resource has the following concepts:

-States of Matter

-Phase Changes




-Characteristics of Solids, Liquids & Gases





-Particle Motion








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