Thanksgiving Drawing Review: All Subjects


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Your students will have so much fun reviewing for a test with this product and they can show off their artistic skills at the same time!!! First students answer questions from a multiple-choice review that you make. Choices are only “a” or “b”. Then depending on whether they chose “a” or “b”, a chart tells the student what to draw. What you get are fun, unique and silly drawings you can share with the class and assess their learning at the same time!

I occasionally assign this product for substitutes and homework. Its easy prep and you can quickly assess student understanding while they are doing their artwork! I print a class set of the 20-question multiple choice assessment I create and a class set of the drawing instructions. The students take the assessment and as they answer the questions, the drawing instructions tell the students what to draw on a either a lined piece of paper or printer paper. As they do this, I walk around and look for pictures that may have the incorrect parts and I tell those students to rethink and revisit those particular problems on the assessment. When we are done I give the students the answers and then we have fun looking at the unique, funny and sometimes silly artwork the students come up with.

You get two charts and two keys! Follow me on TpT because I’ll be creating many more of these for each holiday, so look for a Thanksgiving theme coming up!

Thank you for taking a look!

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