Big Bang Theory Evidence NGSS MS-ESS1-2 MS-ESS1-2 Google Ready Activity


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This resource is engaging, low maintenance, no prep, NGSS aligned, hard copies or virtual! By the end of this activity your students will have a much deeper understanding of The Big Bang Theory.

This activity can be completely student centered with zero direct instruction from you which takes students 50-90 minutes depending on ability level. Or, you can do the expanding universe balloon model yourself as a demo and embed lots of classroom discussion, which would make it a 90+ minute activity. I highly Recommend you buy The Universe and Its Stars Astronomy Activity Scale Space Systems and Integrated Scale of the Universe Card Sort activities from my store for seamless scaffolds for this resource. That’s a week or more of curriculum for only $10!!!

Students first start by accessing their background knowledge of The Big Bang. It’s a very open-ended question with the purpose of metacognition later in the reflection section of part 4. (5 minutes)

Students then watch a video of an astronomer showing how a balloon with pictures of stars and galaxies on it is a great model of the Big Bang and why. After they watch the 2:28 minute video clip, they write down what they observed (5 minutes). Students do the same thing for a 30 second raisin bread dough rising. (2 minutes)

Next, students answer 5 fairly open-ended questions, intended to generate discussion. I have students answer them individually, then discuss with one another and then we discuss them as a class. (15 minutes)

Next, students watch four 3-5 minute YouTube clips that talk about evidence for The Big Bang. At this point students have headphones on, watching the video clips individually and doing work independently. (30-40 minutes)

Students finish the activity by reading an article called, “Here’s How We Know the Big Bang Happened” and filling in a Claim Evidence Reasoning graphic organizer. It’s in a separate folder when you downloaded this resource with the article, teacher tips, a key and the graphic organizer. (15-25 minutes)


You can print a class set of the student handouts, post it on your website as a PDF or post it in Google Classroom. I use Google Classroom, it’s the easiest prep of all your options. Either way, students will need to access the links with a computer. My students use Chromebooks with head phones and it takes them about 60 minutes more or less. I get a balloon, draw galaxies and stars on it and use that as a demonstration, however there is a link that shows an Astronomer doing it if you don’t want to. Other than that, there’s no prep!!!

This resource comes with the following:

-Student Handout


-Detailed Teacher Notes

-Big Bang Article

-Claim Evidence Reasoning (CER) Graphic Organizer

-Claim Evidence Reasoning (CER) Graphic Organizer KEY

-CER Teacher Tips

NGSS Standards:

ESS1.A:  The Universe and Its Stars

ESS1.B:  Earth and the Solar System

PS4.A:  Wave Properties

PS4.B:  Electromagnetic Radiation

ESS2.A:  Earth Materials and Systems

Crosscutting Concepts:


-Scale, Proportion and Quantity

-Systems and System Models

-Cause and Effect

-Stability and Change

Science and Engineering Practices:

-Analyzing and Interpreting Data

-Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information

-Developing and Using Models

-Engaging in Argument from Evidence

This resource has the following concepts:

The Big Bang

Evidence for The Big Bang

Age of the Universe

Electromagnetic Spectrum/Waves

Red shift

Abundance of light elements


Edwin Hubble

Cosmic Background Radiation




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