Crosscutting Concepts NGSS Google Ready Activities


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Teaching NGSS and you need to incorporate Crosscutting Concepts?

Give this 60-minute activity a try!

You can use this activity for any branch of science and chunk it into 2 separate assignments!

You have some options as to how you teach this lesson. Assign it as a 45-60-minute activity or chunk it into 2 parts. I prefer to chunk the lesson into 2 parts. I do slides 2-12 as the first part. I do several checks for understanding and class discussions for slides 2-12. This takes approximately 30 minutes at the 8th grade level I teach this lesson in.

Slides 13-19 I do as a 2nd part/another assignment. Students find and describe real life examples of the 7 crosscutting Concepts found in the natural world. Depending on the grade level and how successful they are at finding information on the internet, it takes 15-30 minutes. I then go through the slides and share the most interesting/accurate examples with the class. This takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes depending on what works for you.

Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs) connect all branches of science. These concepts are used by scientists to better understand the natural world and used to help them make new discoveries. It’s important for science students to also use these tools to better understand how various science topics are linked. Understanding the CCC’s will help them observe the connections to big ideas in science. This is also a great tool to refer back to throughout the school year to help connect your activities to the Crosscutting Concepts.

1. Patterns

2. Cause and Effect

3. Scale, Proportion and Quantity

4. Systems and System Models

5. Energy and Matter

6. Structure and Function

7. Stability and Change

You get the following:

-19 Slide Google Slideshow with card sort, matching activity and student driven Crosscutting Concept examples activity.

-Key with teacher tips and instructions.


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