Physical and Chemical Changes NGSS Bundle PS1.A PS1.B PS3.A PS3.B Google Ready

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This NGSS bundle has everything you need for Structure and Properties of Matter (complete distance learning unit), PS1.B PS3.A Chemical Reactions Google Ready Bundle (complete distance learning unit) Chemical Reactions, Definitions of Energy, States of Matter, Periodic Table, Chemical Reactions, Conservation of Mass, Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer. I include a very detailed Scope and Sequence with links to resources in the bundle for easy lesson planning, 3 editable tests, atoms, elements, molecules and compounds card sorts, Frayer models for vocabulary that go with a PREZI link to fill out, scaffolded notes for special education and English Language learners, 8 hands on labs (4 of which are 5E lessons), PowerPoint with guided notes and lots of warm ups! Click on the links below to take a look at what you will be getting AND how much money you’ll save!!!

This bundle includes many distance learning resources and these complete distance learning units for Structure and Properties of Matter and PS1.B PS3.A Chemical Reactions Google Ready Bundle.

I will add to this bundle as I improve and create new products but you will receive the new resources for FREE! Most of the lessons that are in the bundle have been modified for NGSS by adding as many Science and Engineering Practices and Cross Cutting Concepts that can apply to that particular lesson. I have also created 5E lessons that contain the three dimensions of learning that NGSS requires. I will say that my district (SDUHSD) is way ahead of the curve and I go to every NGSS leadership conference, I’ve missed a lot of days the past couple of years but I have learned a lot! Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions about the bundle!

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