Google Ready ESS1.A ESS1.B Universe Solar System Growing Bundle

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If you are teaching NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas ESS1.A:  The Universe and Its Stars and ESS1.B:  Earth and the Solar System, and need an online distance learning resource, this is perfect for you! Below is currently the scope and sequence.

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My district has determined that 1 hour of classroom time equals 3 hours at home. Therefore, I estimate this bundle will be approximately 5 weeks of lessons.

This product Includes the following:

-Activity #1 Our Cosmic Address: Where do We Live in The Milky Way?

-Activity #2 Scale of The Universe

-Activity #3 Universe Expansion: Big Bang

-Activity #4 History of the Universe

-Activity #5 Scale of the Solar System 5e

-Activity #6 Modeling The Seasons Stop Motion Movie

-Activity #7 Human Sundial: Measuring the Altitude of the Sun throughout the day

-Activity #8 Gravity and the Solar System PhET Simulation

-Activity #9 Falling Objects

-Activity # 10 Oreo Moon Phases Lab

These are included as Ancillary lessons to plug in where needed:

​-TED Talk Big Bang Theory in 90 seconds The Beginning of the Universe for Beginners

-The Beginning of Everything — The Big Bang

-BrainPop Big Bang Big Bang Evidence (Subscription required but worth it!)

-Earth, Moon and Sun PowerPoint

-Mysterious Planet Nine CER

-Autumn Equinox Can Fall on Different Days CER

This resource includes the following NGSS Standards:

ESS1.A:  The Universe and Its Stars

• Patterns of the apparent motion of the sun, the moon, and stars in the sky can be observed, described, predicted, and explained with models.(MS-ESS1-1)

• Earth and its solar system are part of the Milky Way galaxy, which is one of many galaxies in the universe. (MS-ESS1-2)

ESS1.B:  Earth and the Solar System

• The solar system consists of the sun and a collection of objects, including planets, their moons, and asteroids that are held in orbit around the sun by its gravitational pull on them.(MS-ESS1-2), (MS-ESS1-3)

• This model of the solar system can explain eclipses of the sun and the moon. Earth’s spin axis is fixed in direction over the short-term but tilted relative to its orbit around the sun. The seasons are a result of that tilt and are caused by the differential intensity of sunlight on different areas of Earth across the year. (MS-ESS1-1)

• The solar system appears to have formed from a disk of dust and gas, drawn together by gravity.(MS-ESS1-2)

This resource includes the following concepts:


Earth’s axis




The Earth’s Seasons

Summer Solstice


Vernal/Spring Equinox

Autumnal/Fall Equinox

Phases of the Moon



Milky Way


Spiral Galaxies

Dwarf Galaxies


Solar eclipse

Lunar eclipse


Spring Tides

Neap tides

Structure of the Moon

The Sun

The Sun’s interior

The Sun’s Surface

Solar Flares

Virgo Supercluster

Local Group

Solar System


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