Magnetism Magnets Reading Passages Worksheets NGSS MS-PS2-3 MS-PS2-5


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Use this 30 minute no prep reading passages & worksheets for a substitute, scaffold, review, distance learning or homework. You get 2 pages of close reading and a 4 page online interactive worksheet packet or hard copy optional. If you are teaching the NGSS disciplinary core idea PS2.B: Types of Interactions (electricity and magnetism), this resource is perfect for you!

This resource comes with the following:

-2 page Close Reading

-4 page Worksheet packet both Google and Hard Copy


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This resource has the following NGSS Standards:

NGSS Performance Expectations

MS-PS2-3. Ask questions about data to determine the factors that affect the strength of electric and magnetic forces.

NGSS Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCI)

PS2.B: Types of Interactions

• Electric and magnetic (electromagnetic) forces can be attractive or repulsive, and their sizes depend on the magnitudes of the charges, currents, or magnetic strengths involved and on the distances between the interacting objects. (MS-PS2-3)

• Forces that act at a distance (electric, magnetic, and gravitational) can be explained by fields that extend through space and can be mapped by their effect on a test object (a charged object, or a ball, respectively). (MS-PS2-5)

NGSS Cross Cutting Concepts (CCC)

Cause and Effect

Cause and effect relationships may be used to predict phenomena in natural or designed systems. (MS-PS2-3),(MS-PS2-5)

Systems and System Models

Models can be used to represent systems and their interactions—such as inputs, processes and outputs—and energy, and matter flows within systems. (MS-PS2-1),(MS-PS2-4),

Stability and Change

Explanations of stability and change in natural or designed systems can be constructed by examining the changes over time and forces at different scales. (MS-PS2-2)

This resource has the following integrated concepts:

Positive and Negative Charges

Repulsion and Attraction of Magnetic Forces

Magnetic Fields

Factors that Affect Strength of Fields


North and South Poles

Earth as a Magnet

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