NGSS Expanding Universe Claim Evidence Reasoning Graphic Organizer



With this product, students will learn about a new study that claims the universe is expanding faster than previously thought through NGSS Claim Evidence Reasoning. Claim Evidence Reasoning or C.E.R. charts are great for getting your students to explain phenomena in a meaningful way and it allows you as the instructor to adequately assess their understanding of concepts. The students figure out what the “Claim” is in the article, they then use data that supports the claim in the “Evidence” section, draw visual evidence and then explain why the evidence supports the claim in the “Reasoning” section.

You get a CER graphic organizer, the key, the article and the link to the website. This can be used as a current event and/or sub plan relating to astronomy.

The article includes the following concepts:


Big Bang


Hubble Constant and Measurements

Milky Way galaxy


Cepheid variables


Stars brightness and distance

Cosmic Microwaves

Dark Energy


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